Brand Image Design for Taiwanese brand:"wagaii"

A series of product print ads design:

【Harbor Ho!】

    Large boat returns to harbor, bringing home a plentiful harvest. Sharing with everybody in the joy will be the happiest moment of the day. 

【Silently ate three large bowls】

    A proverb means people take others by surprise with their move unnoticed. A bowl with a look of simply rice and a yellow pickled radish in disguise, you can surprise people with the bountiful meal within when opening the lid.

【Everyone can get one】

    No matter how big it is, sharing fairly to everyone. When you cut the cake, it can help you divide to 3~12 pieces. Everyone can get one.

【Twenty-four knots per Coin 】

    Traditional refers to a stingy person. Here becomes a piggy bank to save money.

【Bamboo and Blade】

    The tradition Taiwanese toy, bamboo guns, now modernized to chopsticks and rubber band to replay your childhood game.

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