Mini world】

    This is the autumn in Tunghai University.After the axis shift effect of the photo, Tunghai University is like a miniworld, just like God looks at us from above, day in and day out.  

【Luce Memorial Chapel】

    Luce Memorial Chapel is located in Tunghai University, and it has a very special meaning toeveryone there. The photo shows the angle that touches me most. The Crossis like dreams shinning from high above. Every bricks and tiles arelike obstacles in the way. Faith is what we shall have along the journey.

【The Church Bell】   

    The church bell is rung in important occasions.The decades-old church has been witnessing countless exciting and unforgettablemoment of the university. 

【The Old-fashioned Lamp】   

    Lamps and clocks are my favorite symbols: alight in darkness shows direction and hope, a clock is a reminder to cherishtime. The lamp in the photo, as well as the background, is like an old person, tellingnonverbal stories to every its passengers. 


    Chinese people have many traditional ways toexpress their wishes, one of them is to write it down. The characters in themiddle wooden label mean “HOPE”. Recent years, China has gone through manynatural disasters, which had deepened my understanding of what HOPE reallymeans.

【Facing the Flower Sea

【Three Words】

    The sky, the sea and the beach together dividethe image into three parts. Where the sea and the beach joints catches most ofour attention. 

【The Clock of Dawn】

     The beam and the clock gently combine, meaningrebirth and hope.

【A place close to heaven】

【Now & the Future】

【Breaking Free】

    The photo shows my rebelling ideas. The rustytrain is outdated, while new things normally have to confront “hurts”, evendeath. But the history has taught us that only by breaking free, the hope may finallycome. 

【The World in Cats’ Eyes 】

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